Important Update on DUAL CITIZENSHIP documents during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dual Citizenship

Republic Act 9225, or the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003, passed into law on 29 August 2003, grants the opportunity to retain or reacquire the Filipino citizenship of natural-born Filipinos who have lost their Filipino citizenship through naturalization in a foreign country.

All natural-born Filipinos who have lost their Philippine citizenship due to naturalization as a citizen of another country may file a Petition for Retention and Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship on their own behalf and that of their unmarried children below 18 years of age.


Individuals who reacquire their Filipino citizenship under RA 9225 may once again enjoy full civil and political rights under existing laws of the Philippines. These include, among others:

  • the right to own land and property in the Philippines;
  • the right to engage in business or commerce as a Filipino;
  • the right to travel with a Philippine passport;
  • the right to vote in the Philippine elections while abroad (by registering beforehand in the Overseas Absentee Voting);
  • the right to practice one’s profession, provided that a license or permit to engage in such practice is obtained from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), or the Supreme Court in the case of lawyers.

Under the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program of 1997, income earned abroad by Filipinos from 1998 is no longer taxable. Hence, all Filipinos abroad, including those who have reacquired their Philippine citizenship, have been exempted by the Philippine Government from paying Philippine income tax on income earned abroad.

For the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about dual citizenship, please visit:


Ways to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to submit the requirements by mail beforehand. The oath-taking will be scheduled after evaluation of the documents, either in the Embassy or in the outreach venue (during an outreach mission). The mailing address is:
Embassy of the Philippines
Consular Section - Dual Citizenship Desk
30 Murray St,
Ottawa ON   K1N 5M4
Applicants who send their applications by mail should send to the Embassy the accomplished application form, payment in bank draft or postal money order, ID photos and the photocopies (not the originals) of the documents required as listed below. Applicants should make sure to include their contact number for coordination purposes.
Upon receipt and processing of the application, an Embassy consular representative will contact the applicant to arrange for a date for their oath-taking. On the day of their oath-taking, the applicant should bring the originals of the documentary requirements for validation. Their dual citizenship papers will then be given to them (for signature) on that day. 
Applicants who submit their applications in person at the Embassy will be asked to return on another day for their oath-taking.


Requirements for Reacquisition

For both applications by mail or in person, the following are the required documents:

  • Completed and signed application form.
  • Original Philippine Birth Certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO)/Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), plus three photocopies. Those with no PSA/NSO birth certificates can secure a copy by applying online at In case the PSA does not have a copy of the applicant's birth certificate and issues a Certification stating so, the applicant should submit this along with their original birth certificate issued by the local civil registrar of the Philippine municipality where they were born, plus three photocopies.
  • If available, most recent Philippine passport, plus three photocopies of its data page (page showing photo and personal details);
  • Original of Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, plus three photocopies;
  • Canadian passport, plus three photocopies;
  • Three recent ID photos (colored with white background, sized 2” x 2”). Please do not affix the photographs on the application form.
  • Payment of fee of C$ 72.50 in cash or bank draft/postal money order payable to PHILIPPINE EMBASSY.
  • For married female applicants: Original Marriage Certificate, plus three photocopies;
  • If applicable, Original Death Certificate of spouse, plus three photocopies;
  • If applicable, Original Divorce Decree or Court Order on the Annulment of Marriage, plus three photocopies.

An adult applicant may apply on behalf of their unmarried children below 18 years old by filling out the portion for dependents on their application form and submitting the following, per child:

  • Completed and signed Dual Citizenship Supplement for Dependent;
  • Two recent ID photos of the child (colored, with white background, sized 2” x 2”);
  • Three (3) photocopies of the Canadian passport of the principal;
  • Child’s foreign passport, plus three photocopies of its data page;
  • Original Birth Certificate of the child, plus three photocopies;
  • Three photocopies of the Filipino parent’s Certificate of Oath-Taking as Canadian Citizen;
  • Payment of fee of C$ 36.25.

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