Canadian passport-holders visiting the Philippines for business or for pleasure are allowed to enter the Philippines without visas for stays not exceeding 30 days: Provided, that they have onward or return bookings to their country of origin or another country of destination.

Visitors who intend to stay longer shall apply directly with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration when already in the Philippines for extension of their stay.

Procedure in applying for a Temporary Visitor's Visa

All foreign citizens who wish to apply for 9(a) temporary visitor’s visas will need to submit their applications via the Online Visa Application System (OVAS).

To apply for the 9(a) single-entry visa, applicants should follow the procedures and requirements below:

  • Submit an application online through and follow the instructions on the website.
  • The applicant should only choose the option "Single-Entry" for the entry type and "PE Ottawa" for the Embassy where they will submit their application. They have to upload a photo that is compliant with specifications stated on the website. Non-compliance with these requirements will result in the rejection of their application.
  • Once the applicant completes the online application, they will receive an email (visa application receipt confirmation) and a completed Application Form with an Application Reference Number. They should print this application form, sign it, and upload this signed form and a copy of your passport's bio-page in the OVAS.
  • The Embassy's visa section will evaluate the application and will inform the applicant regarding the documentary requirements that they will need to submit to the Embassy, processing times, and payment information, among others.

Applicants are reminded that only 9(a) single-entry visa applications will be considered. Applicants for other types of visas (e.g., seafarer/crew visas, and 9(e) diplomatic visas) should coordinate directly with the Embassy's visa section for assistance.

Applications for 9(a) temporary visitor's visas that do not go through the OVAS process will not be considered. For more information, applicants may contact the Embassy's visa section at email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 613-233-1121.

The consular officer may also require additional documents from the applicant, depending on the purpose of the visit.


The validity of the Temporary Visitor’s Visa indicates the period of time that the visa holder must use the visa before it expires, and not the period of time the holder is allowed to stay in the Philippines. For example, a holder of a Philippine single-entry Temporary Visitor’s Visa, which is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, must use the visa within that 3-month period. The visa-holder must not interpret the 3-month validity period as permission to stay in the Philippines for 3 months.

The initial length of stay for all holders of the Temporary Visitor's Visa is 59 days. Those whose stays in the Philippines will exceed 59 days must secure an extension of stay from the Bureau of Immigration and pay the required fees.

Unaccompanied Non-Filipino Minors Traveling to the Philippines

Unaccompanied non-Filipino minors travelling to the Philippines must obtain a Temporary Visitor’s Visa prior to travel, regardless of the length of stay in the Philippines.

Furthermore, under Section 29(a)(12) of the Philippine Immigration Act, non-Filipino children below 15 years of age who are unaccompanied by a parent or not joining a parent already in the Philippines can be excluded entry to the Philippines. However, such unaccompanied children may be granted entry upon securing a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) from the Bureau of Immigration on arrival in the Philippines.

The WEG is a requirement of Philippine immigration authorities.

The adult accompanying the child(ren) must bring the documentary requirements listed below and upon arrival at the port of entry in the Philippines, obtain application forms for the Waiver of Exclusion (WE) from the Immigration Duty Supervisor (IDS). The accomplished WE application form and documentary requirements will be submitted to the IDS. A waiver fee will apply for each child.

The documentary requirements of the WEG are the following:

  • Letter addressed to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines from the parent requesting the granting of Waiver of Exclusion Ground and allowing the entry of the child(ren) to the Philippines. The letter must name the adult accompanying the child and representing the parent(s) during the trip;
  • Affidavit of Consent of either parent of the child(ren), notarized by the Embassy;
  • Photocopy of the child(ren)’s passport information page;
  • Photocopy of the parent(s)’s passport information page;
  • Copy of the child(ren)’s flight itinerary indicating the departure from the Philippines;
  • Copy of the invitation (from sponsoring institution or sponsoring parent) for the child(ren) to come to the Philippines;
  • Waiver Fee of PHP 3,500.00 per minor child to be paid to Philippine immigration authorities upon arrival in the Philippines

Information on the WEG can be accessed at the following links to the website of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration:

Visa Fees in CAD

For holders of Canadian passports:

Temporary Visitor’s Visa (9a)

  • Single entry, valid for use within 3 months from issuance                   43.50

The Embassy accepts payment in bank draft or postal money order made payable to PHILIPPINE EMBASSY.

For additional visa inquiries, please call the Embassy at 613-233-1121 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..