All aliens who have been duly issued immigrant or non-immigrant visa and all other aliens who are required to register under the Alien Registration Act of the Philippines are required to register and apply for the ACR I-Card. They are the following:

1. Native-Born

2. Permanent residents under:
a. Section 13 and its sub-sections
b. Republic Act Nos. 7919 and 8274 (Alien Social Integration Act of 1995)
c. Executive Order No. 324 (series of 1988)
d. Note Verbale No. 903730 dated Sept. 17, 1990 between Philippines and India

3. Temporary residents under:
a. BI Law Instruction No. 33 (Series of 1988)
b. BI Law Instruction No.13 (Series of 1988)
c. BI Law Instruction No. 48 (Series of 1988)
d. BI Memo Order No. ADD-01-038 (series of 2001)
e. BI Memo Order No. ADD-02-015 (series of 2002)

4. Temporary visitor under Section 9(a) of the Philippine Immigration Act (PIA) -one who is coming for business or pleasure or for reasons of health if his stay exceeds six (6) months

5. Treaty trader under Section 9(d), PIA

6. Temporary student under Section 9(f), PIA

7. Pre-arranged employee under Section 9(g), PIA

8. Such other aliens as may be required by law to register

9. For those who are required to register but exempted from immigration fees, they may opt to avail of the ACR I-Card subject to payment of the card fee.

The concerned foreign national must pay the annual report fee within the first sixty (60) days of every calendar year.

For foreigners in the Philippines, annual report payments made beyond this period are fined two hundred Pesos (PHP 200) for every month, not to exceed two thousand Pesos (PHP 2,000) in a year.

For foreigners outside the Philippines during the first 60 days of the year, they are not subject to the above fine. However, they are required to settle their annual report fees within one (1) month from the time they arrived in the Philippines.