IMPORTANT: Applicants must ensure that they bring the requirements for passport renewal as applicable below. Those who bring incomplete requirements cannot be processed as all requirements should be on hand at the time of processing.

General Requirements for Passport Renewal:

  1. Accomplished appropriate passport application form (download here) – Please note that there are separate application forms for New Passport Applicants (Form No. 1), Adult Renewal Applicants (Form No. 2); and Minor Applicants (Form No. 3);
  2. Current/latest Philippine passport (if passport was issued before 2011, see Additional Requirements ‘C’ below);
  3. Valid Permanent Resident card* or Work Permit** or Canadian visit visa – Not required for those who have become dual citizens (see Additional Requirements ‘D’ below);
  4. Additional requirements, if applicable (see below);
  5. Payment of passport processing fee of C$ 81, in cash or bank draft/postal money order payable to Embassy of the Philippines;
  6. For applicants living outside Ottawa – Xpresspost prepaid self-addressed envelope (“Regional” for Ontario and Quebec residents; “National” for residents of other Canadian provinces/territories) with Signature Sticker.

*For passport applicants who are permanent residents of Canada but cannot present a valid permanent resident (PR) card or whose PR cards have expired, they will have to present a "No Record Letter" issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Alternatively, they may also present a receipt issued by the CIC proving that the applicant renewed his/her PR card (the receipt must show the date of application and the name of the applicant)

**For passport applicants who are in Canada on work permits but whose permits have expired, they will have to present proof that they have applied for a renewal of their work permits. They will also be asked to accomplish an Affidavit of Filipino Citizenship (form to be provided by the Embassy at the time of processing).

Additional Requirements:

Note – “NSO/PSA” refers to the National Statistics Office of the Philippines/Philippine Statistics Authority

A. For applicants below 18 years of age on the date of processing:

  • Original NSO/PSA Birth Certificate plus photocopy;
  • Photocopy of mother’s or father’s Philippine passport;
  • Applicant must be accompanied by at least one parent.

B. For female applicants wishing to change their surname to their married name:

  • Original NSO/PSA Marriage Certificate plus photocopy.

C. For applicants renewing passports without E-Passport logo logo, or with green or brown covers:

  • Original NSO/PSA Birth Certificate, plus photocopy;
  • For female applicants wishing to use their married surname – Original NSO Marriage Certificate, plus photocopy;
  • Valid photo IDs proving applicant’s identity plus photocopies.

D. For applicants who have reacquired their Filipino citizenship:

  • Accomplished application form for New Applicants (Form No. 1);
  • Original NSO/PSA Birth Certificate plus photocopy;
  • Originals and photocopies of the applicant’s reacquisition documents, namely the Order of Approval, Identification Certificate and Oath of Allegiance.

E. For female applicants wishing to revert from their married surname to their maiden name:

  • Through death of husband – Original NSO/PSA Death Certificate of husband, plus photocopy;
  • Through annulment of marriage – Original NSO/PSA Marriage Certificate which has been annotated to state that the marriage has been declared null and void, plus photocopy.

F. For adopted minors:

  • Authenticated Philippine court order granting adoption;
  • Certification from Philippine court that order of adoption has become final and executory;
  • Original amended NSO/PSA Birth Certificate of the minor, plus photocopy.

Requirements for the Extension of Passport Validity

The Embassy will extend the validity of a Philippine passport subject to the following conditions:

  • Death in the family requiring the applicant to urgently travel to the Philippines;
  • Medical emergency requiring the applicant to urgently travel to the Philippines or other country for medical treatment;
  • OFWs returning to their employers abroad with valid employment contract processed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA); and
  • Application for a new Philippine passport has been filed at the Embassy or any Philippine Foreign Service Post in Canada and worldwide prior to the application for extension of the passport validity.

Filipinos applying for the extension of validity of their Philippine passports should submit an accomplished Application for Passport Amendment (download here), pay the Amendment Fee of C$ 27 in cash or bank draft/postal money order payable to Embassy of the Philippines and must also at the same time apply for the renewal of their current Philippine passport.

Requirements for Replacement of Lost Passport:

  1. Photocopy of the data page of the lost passport, if available;
  2. Accomplished passport application form for New Applicants (Form No. 1);
  3. Police report (if lost passport is still valid);
  4. Accomplished Affidavit of Loss/Mutilation of a Philippine Passport (entails an additional fee of C$ 33.75);
  5. Original NSO Birth Certificate plus photocopy;
  6. Most recent NBI Clearance Certificate, if available, plus photocopy;
  7. Valid IDs showing applicant’s photo and full name;
  8. Other official documents (e.g. authenticated marriage certificate) showing applicant’s name, birthdate and birthplace, plus photocopies;
  9. Payment of lost passport processing fee of C$ 202.50 (for lost E-Passports) or C$ 121.50 (for lost non-E-Passports), in cash or bank draft/postal money order payable to Embassy of the Philippines.