What is Civil Registration?

Civil registration is a continuous, permanent and compulsory recording of vital events occurring in the life of an individual such as birth, marriage, and death, as well as court decrees, and legal instruments affecting his civil status in appropriate registers as mandated by Act No. 3753, the Civil Registry Law.

All reports of birth, marriage and death filed with the Embassy are forwarded to the National Statistics Office (NSO) in the Philippines through the Department of Foreign Affairs.

NSO-certified copies of all submitted reports may be retrieved in the Philippines three months after the filing of the Reports at the Embassy. It is important to always keep a personal copy of all Reports filed.


What are the uses of civil registry documents?

Legally, civil registry documents establish the occurrence of birth, death, or marriage and therefore provide prima facie evidence of facts surrounding these events.

Birth records present many facts about an individual such as the person's name, date and place of birth, parents, religion, and citizenship, among others. The marriage certificate establishes a change in civil status and the legal spouse, while the death certificate records the passing away of an individual.

These records are important in legal and personal transactions, applying for jobs, obtaining passports for travel, entrance to school, claiming insurance benefits, and others.

Statistically, these records provide data on the number of births, deaths, marriages, fetal deaths, adoptions, and the like, which in turn are essential in development planning.


Report of Birth

The Report of Birth is a declaration of the birth of a child born abroad to parents at least one of whom is a Philippine citizen. Under the Philippine Constitution, a person born of one or both parents who are Filipino citizens at the time of birth is a Filipino.

As such, Filipino parent/parents must promptly register the birth of a child with the Embassy in order for such a birth to be registered with the Office of the Civil Registrar General in the Philippines.  The parent/s may also opt to apply for a Philippine passport for the child at the time of filing of the Report of Birth.

Ideally, the birth must be reported within twelve (12) months after its occurrence to the Embassy that has jurisdiction over the place of birth. When the parents neglect to report the birth within twelve (12) months, the birth may, nevertheless, be recorded upon the determination of the consular officer of satisfactory evidence on the authenticity of the report. In these cases, the person who executed the report shall furnish the Embassy or Consulate with an explanation surrounding the delay in reporting the birth.  In the case of late registration, an additional fee applies.

Requirements for Report of Birth

For recording of births abroad of children born to Filipino parent or parents, the following are required when filing for an application for a report of birth:

  1. Duly accomplished Report of Birth Form (in quadruplicate)
  2. Four (4) photocopies of the original certificate of live birth (long form which includes the names of the parents)
  3. Four (4) photocopies of the original valid passports of parents
  4. Four (4) photocopies of the original marriage certificate of parents, if any
  5. Consular fee of C$33.75


Report of Marriage

Filipino citizens married in Canada, either solemnized at the Embassy or by Canadian civil authorities, must register the marriage with the Embassy.

A Report of Marriage will then be issued and transmitted by the Embassy through the Department of Foreign Affairs for registration and recording with the National Statistics Office (NSO) in the Philippines.

The Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa can only undertake the marriage registration process of the marriage of a Filipino citizen that took place in Canada.

Requirements for Report of Marriage

For recording of marriages of Filipino national or nationals solemnized in Canada, the following are required when filing for an application for a report of marriage:

  1. Duly accomplished Report of Marriage Form (in quadruplicate)
  2. Original and four (4) photocopies of marriage license or registration of marriage (long form) issued by the Office of the Registrar General in Canada
  3. Original and four (4) photocopies of the Certificate of Finality of the Nullity of Marriage issued in the Philippines (which should be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila) if there was previous marriage in the Philippines, which was annulled)
  4. Four (4) photocopies of spouses' passports and birth certificates
  5. Consular fee of C$33.75


Report of Death

For recording of deaths of Filipino nationals who died abroad, the following must be submitted when filing for a report of death:

  1. Duly-accomplished Report of Death Form;
  2. Mortuary certificate issued by the Philippine embassy or Philippine consulate-general;
  3. Please take note that before a mortuary certificate is issued, the following are required:
  • Copy of the original death certificate;
  • Copy of the original embalming certificate, if the remains are embalmed;
  • Copy of the original cremation certificate, if the remains are cremated;
  • Copy of the original travel itineraries for the remains and the one who will accompany the remains;
  • Copy of the original Philippine passport of the deceased; and,
  • Consular fee of C$33.75


NOTE: Consular fees should be paid in cash, if the applicant comes personally or in postal money order payable to the Philippine embassy if the applicant applies by mail.